scholarship for 1 million women educators

Take advantage of the great scholarship for women educators.

The 12th Cohort entries close on 06/09/2023

1 million euros scholarship for women teachers

Take advantage of the great Scholarship for women educators.

The 12th Cohort entries close on 6/9/2023

Find out why NeurolearningPower® is committed to offer Empowerment Scholarships exclusively to women educators. See if you are eligible and how you can apply.

Find colleagues who will support you in your goal and apply together!
Research confirms that participating with a team multiplies the results
by 80%! Get an accountability partner and reach your Summit together! 

  • The scholarship is exclusively granted to women educators. 
  • All members of the team must apply before the deadline.
  • You must be determined to commit to the ENTIRE 7
    weeks. See below what the program involves.
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The pillars of the program

NeuroLearningPower® is a cognitive-behavioural framework- it combines behavioural neuroscience with resilience approaches. You can easily enjoy the program through the exclusive NLPower application, which you download to your mobile device (Android or iOS).

Every day we focus on a different skill. 15 minutes of daily practice help you gradually build novel neural pathways, new habits, a
new life. The result at the end of 7 weeks is delightfully cumulative.

Connect to the exclusive community with fellow women + teachers. Share joys and challenges. Get guidance from Effie Kyrikaki. NLPowers (past participants) insist that community is the key to staying excited!

With 2-minute recorded exercises in the application, you learn to focus and stay calm even in the most difficult moments, just when you need it!

Weekly 1-hour sessions with Effie, the method designer. In these interactive video sessions, you deepen your understanding of how the system works and learn hands-on classroom activities. You feel enlightened and empowered.

NeuroLearningPower® Level 1- Explore

NeuroLearningPowerTM Training

Learning how to strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally is like opening a new path in the forest. Doing it once is not enough. It takes repetition to establish the new path, to strengthen your new mental muscles. The old path does not disappear with mere knowledge. You need experiential practice. Through an exclusively designed application, Effie Kyrikaki will guide you with daily exercises, weekly videos and a strong supportive community. The results:
More and more teachers give testimony to the unique effect this experience has had on their lives and their classroom!

The exciting results of Empowerment

Wellness – You feel less stressed and more serene, happy. You can choose your feelings and reactions, even in difficult times.

Performance – You perform better with calm and less effort. At NeuroLearningPower® we call this “being in the zone”.

Relationships – You improve your communication and relationships. You can manage conflict better as trust and harmony deepen.

You teach Who you are

Neuroscience asserts that emotions are contagious. Your students need you as a role model to develop leadership skills, to learn to thrive! In the era of disruptive change, personal leadership skills such as resilience, perseverance and a culture of well-being are the key to success, not merely knowledge or formal qualifications. Your students – and not only – need a strong and happy “you”!

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Empower yourself to Empower

Neuroscience asserts that emotions are contagious. Our students need us as a model to develop leadership skills, to learn to thrive! Studies show that personal leadership skills such as resilience, perseverance and a culture of well-being are the key to success in our time, not just knowledge or a degree. Your students – and not only – need a strong and happy “you”!

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The 7-week Program

Familiarize yourself with the NeuroLearningPower® self-empowerment system

  • Play with different exercises and discover the most invigorating one for you
  • Discover why the muscle of self-selection is so important to happiness and
    your relationships.
  • Start building new well-being neuropaths with daily playful practice in
    NLPower application
  • Establish habits of happiness and monitor your progress with the trail-blazing
    NLPower Application Power Meter
  • Set bold goals for what you want to achieve with this program

Discover your strongest internal opponent, the Critic

  • Realize how the Critic is blocking you many times
  • Discover his limiting beliefs and negative strategies
  • Reprogram your reactions to the Critic to gain calmness and focus

Discover your negative meta-programs. Engage in sensory relief and empowerment practice with NeuroLearningPower® exercises, straight from neuroscience research.

  • Explore the negative effects of your non-ecological meta-programs
  • Reprogram your reactions to escape anxiety, fear, guilt
  • Connect more easily with the positive self of others

Once you have identified and weakened your negative automations, now discover and
to strengthen your Inner Wisdom, your strong ally in inner balance. The Inner Wisdom is the source of
positive states and boosts high-performance situations like pure focus and deep human connection.

  • Learn to perceive the gifts of Inner Wisdom in your daily life
  • Explore the mechanisms of flow and relaxed readiness in any situation
  • Discover the power of words

The NLPower Mind area is the center of emotional intelligence and mental fitness. Identify and implement self-empowerment and personal leadership strategies

  • Explore ways to deal with internal conflicts
  • Experience ways to offer love and acceptance to yourself
  • Find out how to empower your students – and more!

As a teacher who prepares people for the future, you need the power of innovation and
of active action! Time to activate!

  • Become a sailor of life
  • Discover how your Inner Wisdom helps you to achieve every goal without stress. Delighful activation
    and focus- “in the flow”.
  • Take clearly focused, calmly decisive action

As you have already strengthened yourself, now you can learn how to offer the oxygen mask
to your students and others around you.

  • Discover how to become a 10X stronger ally for each of your students!
  • Deepen the powers of Inner Wisdom
  • Find strategies that align your actions with your values
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Level Up, Unfold, Take Off

The NeuroLearningPower® system enables you to keep evolving. Certify as a NeuroLearningPower Coach. Stand out!

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